Mission Vission

Protection of Forests and Biodiversity 

Forests are a vital resource for life on earth. They provide invaluable environmental, social and economic benefits to us all. Forests improve air and water quality, reduce soil erosion and act as a buffer against global warming. The forest industry also generates over $168 billion in global trade through wood products. Every business interacts with the forest industry on some level because of high levels of demand for timber and paper.

HUM FOUNDATION is working towards the protection of Forests and Biodiversity of Indian Subcontinent, particularly of Himalayan region and Rivers of India. 

HUM works to protect these places based on the wealth and variety of life they support, the destructive challenges they face, and our ability to positively impact them. Our main mission is to generate awareness among masses, especially the youth about protection of our fauna and flora and astounding wildlife.

HUM VISION is to create a self-sustainable society where Human Being and Wildlife reside in tandem on earth with all the resources provided by Mother Nature and conserving environment in every possible way.

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